Which Is The Best Drinking Water System

If you paused and put into thought what is found in our drinking water, you may want to invest in a drinking water system for your home. Water that comes out of reservoirs or out of the ground has many contaminants that could make you seek or cause even more serious health conditions. The water treatment facilities take care of some of these contaminants, but not all. And because the water still has to travel to get to your house, it is virtually impossible for the remote treatment facilities to remove all the contaminants from the water. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from Nicmarwater.com.

There are a couple of home based systems that improve the quality of your tap water and so the question is, what drinking water system should you use? Another question would be what is the most the most effective type of drinking water is there?

By: Katherine Johnson

There are numerous types of water drinking systems in the market, but the most common ones are distillation, osmosis and filtration systems. Which to go with? You might want to base your decision on effectiveness and cost as well. The reverse osmosis systems are not very effective in removing some contaminants such as chlorine and related compounds such as Haloacetic Acids (HAAs) and Trihalomethanes(THMs). These are found in almost all water supplies as a result of the chlorine use as a disinfectant.

Both the reverse osmosis and distillation have a downside in that they tend to demineralize water. Most minerals in water are essential to our nutrition and removing them can have a negative impact in your health.

A filtration drinking water system on the other hand tends to be very much affordable than the previous two. One with particularly carbon filters is the most effective in the removal of chlorine and other related compounds. Even after such removal, the carbon filters do not trace the minerals essential for health in the water, unlike the other types of drinking water systems.

There are various filtration systems to choose from and by know you are probably concerned with drinking what is in the water. Point of use filters are an ideal start as they easily fit onto the kitchen faucet. But as you consider what is in the water, you will quickly realize that you may also need a shower filter. Chlorine, HAAS and THMS in tap water tend to evaporate at a lower temperature that water. This means that you will breathe them in as they are concentrated in the steam while taking a shower. The most ideal way to avoid this is by using a shower filter.

Also, you can use a whole house water filter system instead of the showerhead and point-of -use filters. This will ensure that the water coming out of any tap in your house will already be purified and you will never worry about drinking water out of a bathroom tap.

So, depending on your level of concern about what is in the drinking water, you may want to choose a whole house, shower or drinking water system. Bottom line is that staying healthy is imperative and filtered water system is efficient in ensuring that you drink pure water. Check out Nicmarwater.

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